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How to create a Moralis Money account?
How to create a Moralis Money account?
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Note - This article applies to Moralis Money accounts only. For Moralis Web3 (API), please refer to this article instead - Create a Moralis account

You can create a new account using:

- A Web3 wallet
- An email address (A new wallet address will be auto-generated for your account)

- Socials (Gmail, Discord) (A new wallet address will be auto-generated for your account)

Auto-generated wallets can be exported by following the guide here.

Using a Web3 wallet

In the example below, we'll use Metamask

  1. Click Login/Connect (Make sure that Ethereum is set as the main chain on your Metamask Wallet extension)

2. Click Connect Wallet

3. Click Connect

4. When the Metamask extension prompts to connect, (select the desired wallet if you have more than one) click Next then Connect.

5. Once your wallet is connected, proceed by clicking Verify and sign the transaction on the Metamask extension prompt

6. Link your email address and provide the 6-digit code that will be sent to your inbox. (Ensure to use an email that has never been used with Moralis Money, otherwise, it might give an error)

You've successfully created your Moralis Money account! You can now log in using your wallet or email address.

Using Your Socials

1 - Click Login/Connect

2 - Select the Social platform you would like to use

3 - Select your account

You are now logged in!

Using your email address

  1. Click Login/Connect

2. Insert an email address to which you have access, and click Login via Email

3. Check your email inbox for the 6 digits confirmation code and insert it in the prompt

You are now logged in!

You can now start exploring the Moralis Money platform, collect beans, use the token explorer, save strategies, and much more.

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