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How to use the token explorer?
How to use the token explorer?
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The token explorer returns a token list based on the filters you set for a query. Allowing you to find hidden gems as well as freshly minted tokens.

Video Tutorial

Set a new query

1. Click on Token Explorer (from the Research drop down), which is where you'll set your filters

2. From there:
1. Select your filter
2. Choose your metric - Increased by/Decreased by/Less than/Greater than
3. Manually enter a value

4. Select the timeframe, unit, or score provider (Depending on the filter being used)

5. Select the chain

In the example below, we've set a filter for coins that were minted in less than 5 days

You can also add other filters on top of existing filters by clicking Add Another Filter, you can add as many filters as you need! To remove a filter, just click on the βž– button on the relevant filter.
Once you've set up your filters, click Run Query to obtain the results. (Can also be saved by clicking Save Query)

3. Once the results are shown, you can:
1. Choose which are columns displayed

2. Click on any token to get more details

Token details page

When you click on a token, you will be redirected to another page where you will find all details about that specific token, such as;
- Alpha Metrics, where you can find alpha metric stats, save, create an alert and share the page, security score as well as the rating of the token

- DEXTools Chart

- Bubble Chart - Visualize wallets and their connections

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