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Saved Strategies & Alerts
Saved Strategies & Alerts
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In this article, we show you how to save a strategy and receive alerts to your email or webhook whenever a token matches your strategy.


  1. Select the filters for your desired strategy and click Save Strategy

  2. Set the saved strategy settings:
    - Name
    - Stop Loss/Take Profit (Enter your desired values here, this will be used in the automatic trade simulation)
    - Receive Alerts (If you wish to receive alerts via email, Telegram or Webhook)

  3. Your saved query will be instantly available by clicking on Strategies under the Saved dropdown menu. You can perform the following actions on any saved strategies:

    1 - Edit Alert
    2 - Share on 𝕏 (Twitter)
    3 - Edit Strategy
    4 - Delete Strategy
    5 - Dropdown to display simulated trades entered by the strategy

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