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How to pay for my subscription using crypto?
How to pay for my subscription using crypto?
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Note - This article applies to Moralis Money subscriptions only. For Moralis Web3 (API), please refer to this article instead - Does Moralis accept crypto payments?

We can accept a crypto payment for the Moralis Money Pro subscription. We generally recommend using crypto for yearly payments, for which you get the yearly discounted price. However, we can also take crypto for monthly payments.

We currently accept crypto payments on the chains below:

Chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain

To upgrade your account using the crypto payment option, please send us an email at [email protected], with the following details:

a) Your full name
b) Country
c) Address
d) City, and postal code.
e) Plan name (specifying if monthly or yearly)

f) Moralis money ID. You can get the id on this page after you connect the wallet -
g) Wallet address from which you're sending the funds. Please make sure to send crypto from the same wallet address that is linked to your Moralis Money account.

Disclaimer: Please note that there is no refund policy when paying with crypto due to local regulations.



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