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How to find the Money Line indicator on my TradingView account & How to set up alerts?
How to find the Money Line indicator on my TradingView account & How to set up alerts?
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Creating TradingView Account (Required)

To start using the Moralis Line indicator, you will need to have your TradingView account ready. If you do not already have one, then you can register for free using the following link

Note: A free TradingView account will work.

Accessing Money Line Indicator

Moralis Line is available for paid Moralis Money plans only. To purchase a subscription to Moralis Money, please follow this link.

Head to your TradingView account, and copy your username from

After that access your paid Moralis Money account and head into your account settings or simply follow this link

Here under Account Settings, you can paste your TradingView username and click verify to ensure Money Line gets added to your TradingView account.

**(If you wish to change your existing TradingView username from the settings after it's saved, please reach out to us directly at [email protected].)

After verifying, you can go to the charts page using the following link and choose a trading pair.

Then click on the Indicators icon as shown in the picture below.

Head under "Invite-only scripts", after which you will see the Indicator added to your account. Simply click to add it to your chart. If you get any pop up to upgrade your TradingView account it means you exceed the allowed indicators you can have on your chart. In this case you can go back to the chart and remove an indicator you don't use and then repeat this step.

After adding it, you should see the Money Line appear like in the picture below.

How to setup alerts?

Now, in order to configure alerts, please click on the Alert button as shown in the screenshot; ensure the chart is on the timeframe and on the pair you plan to set the alert for.

After you click on alert, select Moralis Money Trend Indicator as a first condition and then select either Bullish Trend Begins or Bearish Trend Begins as a second condition.

If you don't see this option, please ensure to remove the Money Line indicator from the chart and readd it to update to the latest version.

Set the trigger to "Once Per Bar Close" and click on "Save".

Once per bar close ensures that the candle closes to confirm the trend shift before alerting you. You can set once per bar if you wish but it may result in false positives if the candle doesn't close on the new trend shift.

Switch to the notification tab and set how you wish to be alerted; you can customize this to your own preference.

After that you can click on create. Then click on alert icon on the right side and your alerts will appear in this window on the right. Once the conditions are met, the alert log will be triggered down below.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

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