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If your payment failed or didn't complete successfully, it is usually a problem with the added card. There are several reasons that might cause this, please find some common ones below and their possible solutions:

- Is there sufficient funds on the card?

Check if there are enough funds on the card to complete the transaction

- Is your bank or card provider allowing the transaction?

Generally, this can be checked easily by a simple phone call to your card issuing bank, to see if the transaction is being allowed or not.

- Are online/international transactions allowed on the card?

Check with the issuing bank if online and international purchases are allowed for the added card

- Is the added card expired?

Check the expiry date and card details in your account settings, and update details/add a new card if necessary.

- Is your card allowed to make transactions in the mentioned currency?

Check with the issuing bank if foreign currency purchases are allowed for the added card

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], if you require further assistance to complete your payment.

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